Answers are our specialty. We'll even conduct a customized seminar to assist your engineers in their design process. We're committed to making sure you have the tools you need to complete cost effective, high quality designs and manufactured parts.

Our Technical Seminars are customized for engineers and purchasing agents alike, as well as for anyone looking into cost saving tips and production techniques. Most seminars include the following key components, with special emphasis on areas that match your particular needs.


What Dayton Rogers does, where we're located, and how our services support your unique project requirements.


We'll walk you through the basics and provide detailed information based on your level of experience, particular needs or questions.

  • Tolerance Consideration
  • Blank Shape
  • Holes & Openings
  • Specification & Measurement of Formed Parts
  • Extruded Openings
  • Distortion and Interference of Forming
  • Lance and Shear Forming
  • Drawn Parts
  • Flatness
  • Material Information
  • Typical Part Layout and Form


Our experienced engineering specialist analyzes your specific metal project or production inquiry.  The team facilitates a work session to compare processes, how they impact your budget, and best practices to ensure optimal results.

  • Process selection and pros/cons for each
  • Cost comparison of processes
  • Overlooked cost adders
  • Program management

The goal of Dayton Rogers' Seminars is to provide personalized input and feedback to your staff, building a trusted partnership between your business and ours. We'll come to your facility in order to see and hear first-hand what your goals are, trouble shoot your project, and discuss your options face to face.

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