Design Principles Black Book                         

This illustrated guide shows some of the basics of the short run metal stamping process. We hope that it will guide you toward producing a better product at lower cost.


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✔️Rules for Blanking

✔️Rules for Piercing

✔️Rules for Forming

✔️Specifications & Measurements

✔️Quick Facts






Dayton Rogers Capabilities


Dayton Rogers operates four plants nationwide with combined manufacturing space totaling more than 315,000 square feet.



More than 136 presses of 5 to 300 tons, 4 CNC turret presses,10 lasers, 19 press brakes, tube bending, welders and other support equipment.



Small as 1/4” x 1/4” to as large as 40” x @4” on punch press, and up to 4’ x 8’ on turret and laser equipment. Material thickness to .500”.



Zero defect with tolerances +/- .005”. Parts guaranteed 100% to print. Reference the Metalforming Design Handbook (the Red Book) for additional information.


The following materials are in stock at all times:

Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Alloys of Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Aircraft Alloys, Phenolics, Nylon and other non-Metallics.


Complete Secondary Operations also available:

Assembly & Finishing -- spot welding, riveting, seam welds, clinch nut, PEM® nut and standoff assembly, machining, threading, countersinking, drilling, tapping, reaming, plating, painting, anodizing, electro polishing, stenciling, silk screening and heat treating.




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